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  • Monrealese, 55 years old, Giuseppe Li Causi boasts countless photos that portray him with VIPs
  • Li Causi is known above all because he is the official historian of Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia
  • His commitment over the years to keep alive the memory of the two great Palermo actors

In an era in which selfies have replaced the old autographs that were once asked of VIPs, there is a person who, as far as the characters of the show are concerned, at least in our part, is not afraid of comparisons: it is Giuseppe Li Causi .

Who is Giuseppe Li Causi, the historian of Franco and Ciccio

55 years, for more than 27 employee of the Policlinico di Palermo, where he works at the reception, Giuseppe Li Causi is known for being the official historian of the comedians Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, of whose film production he is a lover and whose “deeds” is always ready to narrate.

The square named after Franchi and Ingrassia

Giuseppe Li Causi, among other things, can be considered one of the main architects before the naming and then the redevelopment of the square “Franchi e Ingrassia”, which the Municipality of Palermo decided to establish, in memory of the unforgettable comedians.

The museum dedicated to the two actors

Furthermore, Li Causi is the promoter, together with the children of the two comedians, of the birth in Palermo of a museum dedicated to them where you can admire many objects belonging to the two great artists (stage clothes, scripts of their countless films, posters, photos, etc. …) waiting for the municipality of Palermo to decide when to do all this.

The “Laughter between four walls”

Li Causi, among other things, in recent years was the organizer of the film event, also dedicated to Franchi and Ingrassia, entitled “Laughter between four walls”, which took place in the district houses of Palermo, and to which the mayor of the city, Leoluca Orlando, also took part.
The Monreale also boasts a series of selfies with many well-known characters of the show, which he preserves as real relics.

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