“The money is there, the rankings as well, but the Region is asleep”, a question about the reimbursements …

Question by M5S submitted to Ars

  • Rent refunds to non-resident university students, a question submitted to Ars
  • M5S: “The money is there, the rankings as well, but the Region is asleep. What are you waiting for to pay? “
  • The lunge of the pentastellati:” Musumeci thinks about the electoral campaign “

“At what point are the decrees that will allow the liquidation of the sums for the reimbursement of expenses incurred for rents by off-site university students?”. The deputies of the M5S all’Ars , Nuccio Di Paola and Giovanni Di Caro ask the regional government, who for this reason have filed a question directed to the President of the Nello Musumeci Region and to the Councilors for Education and Economy, respectively Roberto Lagalla and Gaetano Armao.

“The sleep of the Region generates monsters”

“It is appropriate to say it – say the two Grillini deputies – the sleep of the Region generates monsters, or in any case very great difficulties for Sicilians, who are fed up with the delays and inefficiencies, practically on all fronts, of this government of nothingness”.

Delays on funds to the Ersu

“We would like to understand – add the pentastellates – what do you expect to provide to the Ersu of Palermo, Catania, Messina and Enna , and consequently to the students who are entitled to it, the sums incurred for rents, considering that already last January from Rome was allocated almost a million and a half euros for Sicily and that the Ersu have long ago drawn up the rankings.

The disbursement of this money would represent a big breath of fresh air for many families, in a period that is certainly not as easy as the one we are experiencing “.

The lunge of the M5S:” Musumeci thinks about the campaign electoral”

“Rather than devote himself to the electoral campaign and the preparation of candidate lists – conclude Di Paola and Di Caro – Musumeci would do well to try to give some answers to the Sicilians, given that so far, Ambelia aside, very few answers have arrived” .

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