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The Mish Mash in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Milazzo, Legambiente: “A senseless and illegitimate choice”

Editorial team 03 August 2021 17:24

Controversy over the decision to change the location of the Mish Mash Festival from the Castle of Milazzo to the Marine Protected Area. After the alarm launched by the WWF, Legambiente del Tirreno also expresses absolute opposition to the new location of the event, explaining the reasons. “Unsuitability of the places to host a musical concert event that requires the construction of a stage with relative servers and a large space to contain the crowd of spectators”, they write in a note, but also “incompatibility with the regulations on the use of prestigious areas subject to protection and consequent illegitimacy of any authorization measures issued “, they underline again. “The space is too small due to an event that in the past has gathered up to 10,000 people. The access routes (and those of possible escape) are minimal and impassable in case of emergency. it would be possible to guarantee the normal safety measures for the safety of people, and on the other hand the site at a natural bottom, exposed to exaggerated trampling and improper use during the event, could only suffer foreseeable and substantial damage “, they specify. “We remind you that we are in an area subject to naturalistic constraints, in addition to the land part of the Marine Protected Area we are in full SIC ITA030032. Therefore any administrative acts aimed at authorizing the event are to be considered flawed since the planned meeting, in many respects (crowding, plant construction, traffic, logistical and safety problems, high noise level, excess of lights, etc.) it contradicts the purpose of the naturalistic constraints present in the area. For example, it is believed that the intervention (albeit temporary duration of three days), requires the presentation of an impact assessment, and this could only end with the need to find a suitable place elsewhere. Let’s not forget that the temporary set-up and the gathering of crowds in a restricted landscape area would necessarily require the opinion of the Superintendency, which is responsible for both landscape and naturalistic constraints daction Lucifer, who administers the neighboring territory, should be called into question, since certainly the crowd could not be contained only in the area of ​​competence of the WAP “, they add. Four days after the start of the festival, the request is to intervene immediately. “Given the evidence of the two reasons set out above, the decision to move the event, previously scheduled in the Castle area, under the responsibility of the Municipality of Milazzo, appears senseless and illegitimate, such as to configure profiles of possible civil and criminal personal responsibilities, for which it is requested with the utmost urgency, to bring the event back, if possible, to its original location, or in any case to postpone it “, writes Legambiente. “Furthermore, Legambiente del Tirreno takes the opportunity to remember the particular beauty of the places in question, the naturalistic value, the need for conservation and correct use. All values ​​for which our association has spent over the years, for example by finding and reopening precious nature trails by environmental volunteers; participating in the common project for the Capo nature reserve; promoting the natural emergencies of the area with numerous hiking, environmental, cultural and editorial initiatives “, they conclude.