The Minister to the Family Elena Bonetti expected in Catania on 9 September

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 08:45

On September 9, 2021, the Librino district of Catania will open the long Etna day of the Minister to the Family and Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti. The event, strongly desired by the presidents of the ALFA Women Association, in the person of Marcella Cannariato Dragotto, referent of the Sicily Delegation of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation, and Rosanna Iacona, will see the Minister primarily engaged in the visit to the Door of Beauty by Maestro Antonio Presti , followed by a speech to the citizens scheduled for 11 at the Resurrection of the Lord parish church in viale Castagnola 4. Below, in the presence of the civil and religious authorities, there will be a concert by the young and very young people of Librino, developed within of the Musicainsieme project in Librino in collaboration with the Manos Blancas choir, as the crowning achievement of the continuous work of revaluation of the well-known Catania district. Also on the morning of the 9th, the Minister will be a guest of the Pizzigoni-Carducci Comprehensive Institute where, together with Claudia Segre, President of the Global Thinking Foundation, he will donate to the school a defibrillator ad memoriam by Raffaele Barrese. After the afternoon meetings at Confindustria, the works open to the public will continue inside the Palazzo della Cultura in Via Vittorio Emanuele II 121, in the presence of all the local and regional authorities and a large number of guests, with an interview with the Minister Bonetti by the journalist Rosalinda Camarda, entitled “Family Act: for sustainable growth”. Afterwards, the Councilor for Culture Barbara Mirabella, the Referent Sicily Marisa Bellisario Foundation, Marcella Cannariato Dragotto, and Dr. Claudia Segre, President of the Global Thinking Foundation, will deliver a plaque to the Minister, while Arturo Schininà, President of the Agricultural Bank Popolare di Ragusa, will personally donate a gift. The works will end in prime time with a cocktail, offered by the Bellisario foundation, inside the Hotel Asmundo in Gisira.

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