The mega banner "Thanks Bulgarella", did you buy Trapani Calcio?

the-mega-banner"thank you-bulgarella", -have-bought-the-football-drills?

“Thanks Bulgarella”. The banner appeared by Stuzzichello Burger, in the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, in Trapani, certainly did not go unnoticed, igniting the enthusiasm of the grenade fans.

Andrea Bulgarella, a building contractor, took over Trapani football after the ultimatum given by Fabio Petroni to Is there anyone who loves Trapani? “Not at all – says the manufacturer to his most trusted friends – I went there to eat a sandwich and they thanked me by displaying this banner”. The hours pass and the mystery deepens.

To reveal the mystery is the owner of Stuzzichello. “It is a way – says Antonio Gabriele – to thank Bulgarella for what she has done for this city. It would take a hundred people like him in Trapani ”. The football events, therefore, have nothing to do with it? But will it be true?