the Mef blocks the maxi loan of 10 million euros, an emergency is risked

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 09:27

Share While the Municipal Councils continued to struggle to approve the “loan” arranged by the Region for Aica with the fund for autonomy (10 million euros divided among the 32 municipalities that make up the Consortium that the Municipalities should have advanced to the company waiting for the funds due, in the hope that they will be reimbursed), it is the State that sanctions a “stop” to the solution identified by the Musumeci Government. According to the Mef, in fact, the article that allowed the use of those sums would be in contrast with article 117 of the Constitution. “The aforementioned disbursement – they write by the national government – is configured as a financial transaction and not as a current transfer, unlike what is shown in the tables attached to the law: therefore, the commitment of the Region is required to modify these tables, correctly reclassifying the resources in question “. It is now necessary to find an alternative solution, to guarantee services and to pay salaries, given that the bill is still in its infancy and the effective start-up of the company far in time. The political controversies, on the other hand, are already fully operational. “Another law, yet another (we have lost count) of the Musumeci government is at risk of being challenged. It is the one concerning Aica. the consortium water company of the municipalities of the Agrigento area, which must be changed because otherwise it would be unconstitutional – says the leader of the 5 Star Movement Giovanni Di Caro -. We had raised more than one doubt about it. From Rome comes the umpteenth confirmation of the incompetence and incompetence of this government of gossip and the absence of facts “. “Aica – says Di Caro – needs certain contributions from the Region, not unconstitutional games. Does the regional government really want to support the start of Aica? Well cut the enormous waste it continues to do (one fair in Ambelia less, a subsidiary or a vertical garden less) and find real resources. Do not take away from municipalities with already bad budgets, as this rule provides at risk. On the staff of the former Girgenti waters, then, do not allow yourself to speculate on the future of many workers who have been apprehensive for months and start a serious and transparent consultation, not in a propaganda and deceptive key “.

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