The Maxi Scam on Income in Palermo: Employee Attempted to Bribe Municipal Staff

The investigation, conducted by the financial police of the economic and financial police unit of Palermo – public spending protection group, was triggered by the complaint of an employee of the Municipality of Palermo. They discovered the production of fake documents used for the subsidy request: residency declarations, registration declarations for Tari purposes, and rental contracts. These documents were sent electronically to the local civil registry offices responsible for changing domicile. The need to obtain approval for these changes was functional to create false requirements for receiving the citizenship income, which were related to the household’s failure to exceed specific income thresholds and the absence of people convicted of serious crimes. Francesco Tuttoilmondo, a 47-year-old employee of the company owned by the Sicilian Region, Sas servizi ausiliari Sicilia, and a manager of a Caf Acli in Palermo, was placed under house arrest. He also attempted to bribe municipal employees with gifts and money to speed up the administrative process for changing domicile necessary to receive the subsidy. As a result of the investigation, 53 people were identified as unlawfully benefiting from the citizenship income, receiving a total of €620,402 that they were not entitled to. There are 93 individuals under investigation.

La maxi truffa sul Reddito a Palermo, l’impiegato tentò di corrompere alcuni dipendenti comunali

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