The maxi anti-mafia investigation “Opuntia”, verdict overturned: two acquittals

Editorial team 14 September 2021 19:40

Share The judges of the first section of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, overturning the first degree verdict of the court of Sciacca, ordered the acquittal of Tommaso Gulotta and Matteo Mistretta, both originally from Menfi, accused of being part of the local mafia family vanquished as part of the “Opuntia” investigation. In the first instance, 15 years of imprisonment were decided for Gulotta and 13 years for Mistretta. The second instance judges, on the other hand, overturned the sentence by acquitting them. Gulotta and Mistretta were the only ones to have been sentenced in the trial resulting from the “Opuntia” operation which would have shed light on the dynamics of the clans of Menfi and Santa Margherita Belice. At the base of the operation the statements of the collaborator of justice Vito Bucceri, former head of the mafia family of Menfi.

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