The mason stabbed to death, in Cattolica Eraclea no one speaks

There were about ten Catholics – including family members, friends and acquaintances – who were heard by the carabinieri, by the acting prosecutor, Salvatore Vella, and substitute Paola Vetro. Investigators and prosecutors have tried to clarify the motive for the murder which took place in the early afternoon of yesterday in via Agrigento in Cattolica Eraclea.

The 66-year-old pensioner Giovanni Ferrera stabbed the 51-year-old bricklayer Carmelo Contarini in front of his home. But he didn’t want to say anything about the motive. The two apparently were country neighbors, land neighbors, and had had previous discussions and disputes. However, nothing was confirmed by the people, believed to be informed on the facts, who were heard. Even in Cattolica Eraclea what has already emerged in previous crimes, in Favara, Racalmuto and Licata: a widespread code of silence.

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