The Mafiosi dei Nebrodi and the "refined" services of the "compliant" notary


MESSINA – In the Nebrodi investigation on the Tortorici mafia also entrepreneurs and some unsuspected ended up: such as the notary, Antonino Pecoraro, accused of external competition in the mafia association, who would have done false deeds to make a series of lands acquired for usucapion ownership was used by "families" to request EU contributions.

According to what the investigating judge wrote in the arrest warrant, "the systematic use of the" professional "services compliant" by the notary Antonino Pecoraro was extensive and systematic.

The investigating judge explains that Pecoraro "in a widespread way has stipulated very peculiar, refined and identical acts, a sign of awareness and contribution to the mafia associations. Acts of sale were "invented" – underlines the judge for preliminary investigations – between a presumed litigant who declared himself the owner of certain particles for usucapione not ascertained judicially, and a presumed litigant, who declared himself willing to buy at his own risk such particles. It is almost useless to underline how the assignor in such cases exhibited a non-existent right on property of unsuspecting third parties, however allowing the successor in title – thanks to the formal traits of the concluded act – to avail of an apparent title (susceptible of transcription, and on the other hand, insusceptible objection by a wise CAA operator) to claim the payment of contributions in agriculture. The extension of the methodology to the two groups is one of the tests, with clear exchanges of information, of a predefined "virtual" division of the territory that allows the mafia associations not to contend, in conflicting ways, particles and titles ".

"Regarding the maxi arrest operation against the mafia clans of the Nebrodi that sees the involvement of the notary Antonino Pecoraro, accused of external competition in the mafia association", the notary council of Agrigento specifies in a note that "since 2016 he had initiated in his compares a series of disciplinary proceedings as a result of the checks carried out periodically on the activity of the notaries ".

"The proceedings – continues the Council – related to fictitious headings of immovable property through the mechanism of usucapion, not judicially ascertained, which ended with the sanction of the temporary suspension of professional activity ordered by Coredi Sicilia – the Regional Commission of discipline of notaries presided over by a magistrate. Coredi had simultaneously communicated to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Agrigento the initiation of disciplinary proceedings. "

The notary council of Agrigento reiterates "its willingness to collaborate with the competent authorities".

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