"The Mafia commands Catania" Comparison between Fava, Ardita and Caserta

CATANIA – "The Mafia commands in Catania" is a book by Claudio Fava, published in 1991. A tense, lucid and unforgiving story, which reconstructs from the origins the seizure of power by the Mafia in Catania. A city that appears, in this exciting portrait, as a metaphor for Italy in the eighties and nineties. The Milan of the South that anticipates the birth of a perfect system that holds together mafiosi, politicians, entrepreneurs, judges and journalists.

Resuming that title, after almost three decades, may seem like a deja vu. Instead, it serves to explain many things, to remember, to repeat questions that are no longer fashionable: who's in charge today in Catania? What remains of the strength and impunity of that mafia that has always considered the city a land of plunder? That …

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