the luthier who makes unique pieces in Palermo

Anna is not a “daughter of art” who grew up in a workshop, but a self-taught person who discovered the charm of craftsmanship by chance and who today makes electric guitars in Palermo.

“Lutherie fever” he called it Anna Corona his passion. Because it was precisely this that prompted her, now ten years ago, to learn a trade that is an art, embracing a world where today she definitely feels “at home”.

“As a child, my favorite toys have always been musical instruments. I loved music so much that I even graduated in “Musicology – says Anna -. I never imagined, however, that I would become one luthier“.

Yes, because Anna is not a daughter of art who grew up in the shop, but self-taught who discovered the charm of craftsmanship practically by chance, when one day he had the idea of ​​building an electric guitar “Stratocaster“All alone.

A spark, his, which soon caught fire and never abandoned it, revealing a part of himself that was still hidden but was only waiting to be stimulated. From that moment, in fact, it has been a whirlwind of emotions and sleepless nights.

“It was a fixed thought, I didn’t sleep because I mulled over all the necessary steps to make it happen and in the morning I immediately started working”.

In short, a real “disease” from which, he says with a smile, he does not believe he will “ever get out”. To the delight of all those musicians who immediately believed in her, thus giving her the opportunity to grow over time and to be increasingly appreciated in the world.

The comparison with them, in fact, was fundamental because his is a work where you have to “interpret the way the musician has to play”, without setup pre-established rules or rules that apply to everyone: for this reason “you never stop learning” but “you learn to know the secrets of the instruments only by working”.

Today he makes his own electric guitars in Palermo, in a laboratory where he finally gave life to his dream born by chance.

Unique pieces, masterpieces of technique and beauty that he takes care of from the choice of wood to the design, up to the actual construction of the instrument entirely made by hand and with the heart.

Stubborn, determined and curious, Anna did not learn the trade, as she did in the past, in the workshop of a luthier in particular: thanks to the virtual world she was able to “peek into the shops around the world” and study thanks to many masters, leaving “To inspire from as many sources as possible” and transforming an ancient profession into a “craft 2.0“.

There electric lutherie, in fact, it is a field not yet fully explored, “a young art in which the space for experimentation, research and innovation is enormous” and which therefore offers the possibility of having that extra edge to be able to leave own footprint.

An imprint, that of Anna, definitely recognizable, so much so that this year it even allowed her to “go up” on the stage of Sanremo.

His “Retro” with the gold leaf, in fact, accompanied Dario Mangiaracina in the performance which earned “The representative of the list” the eleventh place.

Not bad for those who, like her, had been looking for a guitar model that would represent her in all respects for years. He conceived, designed, designed and created it after many years of study, tests and efforts and seeing it tread the scenes of the Ariston “It was a huge thrill”, which he will probably never stop feeling whenever someone commissioned it to him.

On the other hand, “starting from wood, from its raw sound and creating something around it that ennobles it and makes it a perfect instrument” is not easy: especially when that piece of wood where a part of itself is impressed finally comes to life. , “Bringing back the echo of his own being” and blending inextricably with that of the musician who makes the strings vibrate.

And since Anna is convinced of it, the secrets of the tools they never cease to know, her guitars will surely reserve her many goals and many incredible joys.