The Livatino killer facing the slain judge’s shirt

The shirt of Judge Rosario Livatino, who was killed by the Mafia in September 1990, has been placed in a display case in the Torre del Gallo prison in Pavia. This serves as an opportunity for reflection for the approximately 670 inmates of the prison. Paolo Amico, one of the killers of the “young judge,” also requested to be present. Amico is accused of being the actual perpetrator of the murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. After being held in the maximum-security section of the Voghera prison in Pavia, Amico is now incarcerated in the medium-security circuit of the Opera penitentiary in Milan. The meeting was organized by the Center of Solidarity “Giò Bonomi” and the provincial section of Pavia of the Union of Catholic Jurists, as part of the “Sub Tutela” initiative, which is dedicated to Livatino, venerated as a Blessed by the Catholic Church.

Il killer di Livatino davanti alla camicia del giudice ucciso

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