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  • The heads of the BAPR have been heard by the Parliamentary Commission on the banking system
  • At the center is the liquidity crisis raised by savers
  • There is an investigation by the prosecutor’s office

The heads of the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa (Bapr) at the center of a clash with small shareholders over the collapse of the value of the securities purchased by the institute were heard from the Parliamentary Commission on the banking and financial system. The problem is that the bank, as emerged in a recent investigation by the Guardia di Finanza, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Ragusa, would have placed a limit on the repurchase of its shares. In short, no liquid money for savers.

The Bapr, “done everything possible”

The Bapr president, Arturo Schininà and the general manager Saverio Continella participated in the hearing. “With reference to the liquidity of its share, it was also clarified that the Bank has always sought every possible method, often innovative, in compliance with current legislation. On this issue too, Bapr has expressed its willingness to proactively seize any opportunity that may arise ”, the external relations office of the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa reported.

Credit portfolio improved

During the hearing, the top management of Bapr highlighted that they had worked “in a general scenario of macroeconomic uncertainty, to safeguard the stability of the Bank, with corporate decisions aimed at guaranteeing a long-term perspective”. For the board of the Ragusan institute, there was “” the improvement in the quality of the Bank’s loan portfolio, thanks to the drastic reduction in the stock of non-performing loans and the strengthening of the coverage levels of NPLs, which occurred in recent years in in line with regulatory indications. The de-risking action was carried out while maintaining the stability of the Bank’s capital ratios “.

The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office

In recent days, the soldiers of the Fiamme Gialle of Ragusa have presented themselves at the headquarters of the People’s Agricultural Bank of Ragusa, to acquire documents. At the base of the investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, there are several dozen complaints from savers.

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