The Lights of the Revolution, Comet Poesia returns to Petralia Soprana

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The 2022 theme of Comet Poetry, a poetic-literary event born in Petralia Soprana in 2016, conceived and directed by the poet Agostino Messineo Alfiere and organized by the Associazione Cittadinanza Attiva Petralia Soprana.
The VI edition of the Madonita appointment, which has now become fixed in the most beautiful town in Italy 2018, will be held this year on Tuesday 9 August 2022, from 10.30 pm, in Piazza Duomo.

“This year’s theme – declares the artistic director Agostino Messineo Standard bearer – pits another piece in the artistic path undertaken in 2019 with the theme “Save the Countries” and continued, after the covid cause cease in 2020, last year with the theme “Letters from R-Existence”.
The pandemic, the lockdown, the economic crisis and the winds of war have shaped us and still shape us, continually pushing us to turn our inner chaos, to review our future projects and, at the same time, to pursue with even more strength.
animate the path of our life.
The theme of revolutions, which have changed the course of human history so much, becomes more intimate in Comet, recalling those inner revolutions and personal ones that each of us is called to face sooner or later in order to change our existence.
Once again, through the evocative power of poetry, music and dance, Comet Poesia wants to be the voice, interpreter and mediator of the dark and complex times in which we live ”.

The 2022 cast includes the renowned singer-songwriter from Palermo Aida Satta Floresthe writer Mari Albanese – author, with Angelo Sicilia, of the book “Io, Felicia.
Conversations with Peppino Impastato’s mother “(Navarra Editore, 2021), which will be presented on Tuesday 23 August in piazza Loreto -, the musician Alessandro Valenza and the dancer Miriam Albanese.
The readings will be by Veronica Vaccarella, Luca Taravella, Gandolfo Saccomanno, Bianca Librizzi, Maria Lucia Librizzi, Satyavan Giri, Maria Lea Vizzini and Giuseppe Gulino.
The director, producer and musician Leonardo Bruno will take care of the soundtrack and the scenographic universe.

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2022-08-06 11:52:00

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