the Liceo Classico “Nicola Spedalieri” of Catania meets the Carabinieri

CATANIA – As part of the activities planned by Classic High School “Nicola Spedalieri” of Catania for the Civic Education curriculum, on Wednesday 25 February the third and fourth high school classes had the opportunity to discuss and deal with theWeapon of the Carabinieri.

For some time the Lyceum has undertaken an action with the Carabinieri Company of Catania – Piazza Dante awareness and education on legality at the center is the school community directed by Headmaster, Prof. Vincenza Biagia Ciraldo, action that takes the form of formative debates in which the knowledge of legal norms is enriched by the significativeness of human testimonies and social experiences shared with the classes by the figures representing the weapon.

Even Wednesday morning, thanks to the presence of Captain Dr. Roberto Martina, commander of the Carabinieri Company of Catania in Piazza Dante, it was possible to combine these variegated aspects present in the sphere of civic education, one of the fundamental objectives of the training offer of the “Nicola Spedalieri” Lyceum.

Legality, democracy, protection of rights. The contribution of the police“: This is the plot from which Captain Martina started and on which he has woven a series of life situations common among young adolescents, to show the aspects that harm the dignity of each one and of society together and to bring out the appropriate behaviors that can guarantee in us the respect for democracy and gods rights of the citizen and the citizen.

There are numerous areas of study that Dr. R. Martina brought to the attention of the classes: give them road accidents caused by the effect of alcohol and drugs, al cyberbullying and from revenge porn to also treat the plague of child pornography. Analysis conducted through data, of course, but above all through the sensitivity of an exponent of the Arma who makes the defense of rights and legality its distinctive note, knowing how to adapt it to the needs and problems of adolescence.

The extensive debate following the meeting, which took place with the internal online connection of the classes, also raised questions relating to the legalization of drugs, so as to extend the problematization of the issues, confirming the interest aroused by the answers given by Cap. Martina to the questions present in the classes.

The meeting ended leaving a strong and important message in the group of those who participated: the relationship with justice, with the police, is the way to follow to identify democratic and useful solutions to eliminate criminal negativity and to re-establish the presence of rights and democracy in our society.

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