The Leo Club Agrigento Host donates doves to the operators of the covid department

It was a Easter in the name of solidarity and listening to that of Leo Club Agrigento Host which continues with its social activities. On the morning of Easter, in fact, a delegation of the Leo Club Agrigento Host formed by the President, Giuseppe Castelli; the Vice-President, Salvatore Malluzzo, and the Secretary Gianni Nicolò Panarisi, went to visit, donating doves and chocolate bars able to contribute to the National Operational Theme of the Leo Club Italia “Leo for safety & security” aimed at the purchase of first aid material for first aid agencies, to the operators of the Covid ward hinged at the Agrigento “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital.

“We wanted to show, with a small sign, that we are here and that we are alongside those who are on the front line to face this invisible and sneaky enemy that is” Covid-19 “, expressing all our gratitude for what, right now, all health workers are doing! “, said the President of the Leo Club, Giuseppe Castelli, who added: «it was a significant day where we were able to touch what is reality!». President Castelli also thanked the whole club for their sensitivity, “a sensitivity that has never stopped showing through the many services implemented in this fiscal year that is about to end,” he declared. A meritorious action of much appreciation and unstoppable, therefore, that of the young people of the Leo Club Agrigento Host who have decided to make a clear commitment to the Agrigento society: to contribute to its improvement.

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