The Leo Club Agrigento Host donates a first aid kit to the Italian Red Cross in Agrigento

The activities promoted by the Leo Club Agrigento Host go on, a delegation of the club, in fact, went to the headquarters of the Italian Red Cross, section of Agrigento, headed by Dr. Vita, to donate a complete first aid kit, sponsored by the project. sponsored by the Leo Club Italia, “LeoforSafetyandSecurity”, aimed at the purchase and donation of first aid material to first aid agencies. “It was a special, formative day, where he allowed us to touch firsthand and with emotion what volunteering meant!”, Said the President of the Leo Club Agrigento Host, Dr. Giuseppe Castelli, who added: “in a territory like Agrigento, where the phenomenon of immigration and not only is particularly acute, realities such as the Red Cross, represent a point of reference, a hope! Their being close to the needs of the community, turns out to be a concrete proof of how volunteering can constitute a “surplus” in society. We believe in the values ​​of volunteering that is why we are open to collaborate and give our support to the friends of the Red Cross. We consider cooperation important! ». Lastly, President Vita thanked the Leo Club Agrigento Host for the gesture of great generosity and hoped, too, for future collaboration.
A group of young people, that of the Leo Club Agrigento Host, who makes it clear how crucial it is to encourage volunteering and associations. The President Castelli thanked all the shareholders for the concrete response he is giving to the whole reality of Agrigento, with the awareness and certainty that there will be maximum continuity in the next social year which will begin on 1 July 2021.

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