The leaders of the Aosta Brigade visiting the Landing Museum

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 10:55

Share Metropolitan Mayor Salvo Pogliese welcomed the leaders of the Italian Army stationed in Sicily to the Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily-1943, at the Ciminiere – the commanding general of the Aosta Mechanized Brigade Gen. Giuseppe Bertoncello and all the commanders of the dependent Regiments – who have chosen to visit the Catania museum as the first stop on their “Staff ride”. With this English term, which in Italian can be translated as “staff tour”, we mean that part of military training that aims to make known the past scenarios of war, as was Sicily in the summer of 1943, when the island became the contested ground by the various armies that faced each other in multiple bloody battles, with the civilian population heavily involved in those military events. The documentation exhibited at the Catania museum shows what the battlefields and operational areas looked like, with the preliminary reconnaissance and study of the terrain and tactical preparation. The maps and maps, graphs and dioramas also show with a systematic approach the positioning of the Italian / German forces on the field and the planning and execution of the Allied Landing, which took place on 10 July 1943, one of the most important military operations of the Second World War. world.

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