The La Paglia case, at the ASP of Messina “few hires and lacking equipment”

There is still more in the report of the regional commissioners on the management of the Covid 19 crisis by the ASP of Messina, which led to the defenestration of the dg Paolo La Paglia. Report we published in Friday’s edition.
And among the many passages of the document there is a very specific consideration on the sensational delays accumulated on the tampons. Premise: the Department of Health had activated with the Civil Protection “… a Covid service for free supply of reactive and instrumentation”. Well – the commissioners write in their final report: “… from the documentary examination, from the data in possession and from the declarations of the interested parties, no requests were received from the ASP of Messina for instrumentation and only a small number of reagents. Therefore, the ASP of Messina, while being able to request the Department / Civil Protection, and receive, free of charge and quickly instrumentation and reactive, has perhaps chosen to activate autonomous procedures that have prevented its only molecular biology center in Barcelona from being able to satisfy the internal requirement for Covid 19 of the extended Asp of Messina ».

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