The killer dose and the death of Valeria Lembo, the sentences arrive for the doctors in the Cassation

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The Supreme Court rejected the appeals of the three Palermo doctors sentenced for the death of Valeria Lembo, killed by a wrong chemo, confirmed the acquittal of a nurse.
After six levels of trial and more than ten years, the case now appears to be definitively closed.

The decision of the Supreme Court

The judges ruled that the woman died on December 29, 2011 for an error: the doctors of the Polyclinic gave her a dose of 90 milligrams of vinblastine (a chemotherapy drug) instead of the 9 provided for in the protocol.
Valeria Lembo was 34 years old and the mother of an eight month old baby.

The killer dose

Valeria Lembo died of a killer dose of chemotherapy at the Policlinico hospital in Palermo.
A fatal mistake that led her to administer ten times the necessary dose according to what would have been ascertained in the trial with the pronouncement of criminal convictions in the first and second degree.
Now the decision of the Cassation.

The names of the defendants

The former head of the Oncology Department of the Polyclinic, Sergio Palmeri, was sentenced to 3 years, the oncologist Laura Di Noto to 2 years and 3 months (for her, however, the judges decided to cancel with postponement only the related aspect to accessory penalties) and the then resident Alberto Bongiovanni at 3 years and 5 months.
Nurse Clotilde Guarnaccia acquitted.
Valeria Lembo had Hodgkin’s lymphoma from which she is cured with the appropriate treatments.

The condemnation of the Court of Auditors

Last February, the doctors involved in the affair were also sentenced by the judges of the Court of Auditors chaired by Vincenzo Lo Presti.
The head physician Sergio Palmeri was sentenced to compensate the health company with 875 thousand euros, the oncologist Laura Di Noto and the then specialist Alberto Bongiovanni will have to pay the sum of 318 thousand euros each.
Nurses Elena Demma and Clotilde Guarnaccia were acquitted.

A chain of errors

“Unacceptable, shameful”: this is how what happened to poor Valeria was defined.
It was a chain of errors that marked her death sentence.
All this culminated with a number 9 that became 90.
There were many milligrams of anticancer – Vimblastina – injected into the patient’s blood.
A dose ten times higher than necessary that left no way out for Valeria suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
The family members filed a civil action with the assistance of the lawyers Marco Cammarata and Vincenzo Barreca and obtained compensation.

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