The KeyJey Ragusa beaten at home by the vice captain Genea Lanzara

KeyJey Ragusa fails to repeat the feat with Genea Lazara, as happened with leaders Noci 2013. The runner-up of group C of Serie A2 in handball, after a first half all in all in balance (12-14 ), manages to pass the gym in via Bellarmino with six points of difference (ends 24-30). Really a shame for the Ragusans who waste another tasty opportunity along the road that leads to peaceful salvation.

We will have to suffer, however, when there are still two races to go until the end of the regular season, until the final stages. In the first half hour, driven by the attacks and the markings of the La Rocca-Russello duo, the seven coached by Mario Gulino had managed, however, to keep up with the most popular opponents, despite a certain cumbersome, by the masters of home, in the management of offensive gusts.

Shortly after the start of the second half, however, Russello was sent off and the circumstance caused a psychological backlash in the rest of the team who, from that moment on, could not meet again. The Genea Lanzara had an easy life while the climb, for the Iblei, became very steep, absolutely complex to sustain. In short, despite the great desire on the pitch by the whole group, to which the company congratulates for the commitment shown despite the fact that it was in a reworked formation, the balance was broken and there was nothing more to be done.

To underline, however, the great fair play that animated the entire match, with episodes that highlighted the full respect existing between the parties. Now, the championship will have a rest session and the Ragusans will return to the field on Sunday 9 May away against Giovinetto in an attempt to win the salvation points that are worth an entire season.

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