The Italexit party is born in the province of Enna, the membership campaign has begun – VIDEO

We want to get out of a Europe that is devastating us”, These are the words with which the lawyer Nino Mancuso, provisionally provincial secretary of Italexit, presented himself to the citizens of the province of Enna.

A party that tries to structure itself on the territory. The regional management starts from the province of Enna with the beginning of the membership campaign for both the region and the province.

The first important manifestation of this new party will be held at the end of July in Gagliano Castelferrato in the province of Enna.

Luigi Savoca, regional coordinator of Italexit: “We are having many adhesions not only from individuals, but also from organized groups. Aware that Sicily can only be saved if Italy detaches itself from the European Union“.

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