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The Ita contract expires, the specter of dismissal for 520 Covisian workers in Palermo returns

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Six months later, the specter of redundancies for the approximately 520 former Alitalia workers returns.
Last night the Covisian company informed the trade unions and the Ministry of Labor that, having not reached a satisfactory commercial agreement with the client Ita, the contract will be terminated as of April 30th.

Afterwards it is not known what will happen nor for the 200 that passed in October from Almaviva to Covisian.
Nor for the other 300 that in 2023 would have had to pass through Covisian in turn, according to the agreement reached at the ministry, with a gradual transition.

“Palermo cannot afford all of this.
Today, more than ever, we need to make a common front to give employment guarantees to the more than 500 workers who seriously risk staying out of both Covisian and Almaviva – the general secretary Marcello Cardella and the secretary Emiliano Cammarata declare for Slc Cgil Palermo – This umpteenth emergency takes place in a very delicate phase for the sector in Palermo, which for some time has already been in strong fibrillation due to a series of contract changes that are determining a new and unpredictable territorial reorganization “.

The national secretariats have already requested an urgent meeting from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.
“Pending the convening of the table, which we hope will take place immediately – says the SLC CGIL Palermo – we will evaluate with the workers the fighting actions to be put in place”.

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