The Intel “dispute” between Catania and Turin, Etna politics attacks Minister Giorgetti

Intel, the Californian microchip giant, is disputed between Catania and Turin. The Americans would like to invest in Italy and are looking for an attractive territory. Catania applied and Mayor Pogliese said he was willing to do everything possible to guarantee the best conditions but to “sponsor” another site – that of Mirafiori, in Turin – the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti took care of it. An exit that triggered a jumble of statements in the Catania area.

The former mayor Enzo Bianco expressed himself: “The League’s minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, whom I know and respect in the natural political difference, expresses his intention to bring this plant to Turin because he believes” that there are talents, skills, intelligence, innovation absolutely suitable for an investment of that type. “I don’t understand this. Really. As if there were no talents, skills, intelligence in Catania. I understand that there are elections in Turin. But he is a Minister of the Republic. Does Giorgetti know that there is Etna Valley in Catania? That there is one of the most important plants of StMicroelectronics? With one of the most important research centers in the world? That there are other companies like 3Sun? “. “Please Giorgetti, cheer for whoever you want (I understand the electoral campaign), but do not offend the dignity of one of the most dynamic cities in the South. Remember that you are Minister of the Italian Republic. It is all one”, added Bianco. The vice president of Ars Angela Foti appealed to the minister for the South Mara Carfagna: “Catania is a high-level production site – declares the deputy – where important factories of various multinationals are already located. The Etnean capital has a long production history behind it, has the necessary know-how to host new technological settlements and has a very close link with the University which introduces top-level professionals to the job market. For these reasons Catania is ready and is the ideal location to host the new Intel production site, an opportunity to create the economy and jobs “. “However, it seems that certain pressures, coming from those who took the oath on the Italian flag and from those who should act in national interests, are leading the American company to invest in the Piedmontese industrial area of ​​Mirafiori. The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, of the Lega, has openly declared that he is cheering for Intel to arrive in Turin. These are serious statements, especially when compared with the intentions of the national government that intends to favor the development of the South, of the productive settlements in the South “, continues the deputy of Attiva Sicilia. “So I appeal to the Government of the Region and to the Minister for the South Mara Carfagna. Catania has the credentials to host Intel, enjoys the benefits of the Special Economic Zones and has an urgent need for relaunch and business. I hope that by mid-October, the date around which Intel will communicate its intentions, the directors and representatives of the company will be able to meet to advocate Catania as an investment destination. Now it is the territory that must move synergistically: Municipality of Catania, regional deputation, regional government, Etna parliamentarians and Minister for the South so that – as has often happened – this opportunity is not lost in favor of the North of the country “, concludes Foti. The provincial secretary of the Democratic Party, Angelo Villari, also intervened on the matter: “We do not do any parochialism, however it is clear that Sicily, and specifically Catania, cannot miss an unprecedented opportunity for development such as to allow the closure of the supply chain in the sector electronic through a player of international prestige. Not to mention the considerable employment effects for young graduates and graduates in our territory otherwise forced to migrate to the North. We therefore appeal to all political, social and productive forces to engage in a battle that gives protagonism to Sicily. The regional government, for its part, should make its voice heard instead of being silent as it has done so far. The news of these days, finally, shows that the League, despite the “signing campaign” of recent years, confirms itself as a party voted only to the requests of the North and totally insensitive to the resumption of development in the South and in Sicily. In short, it pretends to lose its fur, but does not lose the habit “.

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