the initiative to vaccinate the homeless in Palermo is underway:

launched by the regional government

Vaccinate everyone, even the “invisible”. It is the initiative “Next to the last ones”, Launched by the regional government, in collaboration with the chief town, the Sicily Foundation and the Italian Red Cross. For those living in conditions of poverty and social marginalization, getting vaccinated can become more difficult.

We are talking about people exposed to the infection and, in spite of themselves, a potential vehicle for the transmission of the virus. People who often fail to reach vaccination centers. So we want to be the ones to reach them – said Commissioner Renato Costa, commissioner for the Covid emergency in the metropolitan city of Palermo -. The pandemic is fought together, vaccinating as many people as possible, including those in difficulty, who are entitled to the vaccine as anyone who is targeted. That’s why we want to allocate a portion of the Johnson & Johnson serum to homeless people aged 60 and over. Since these are homeless people, often difficult to trace, administration with two-dose vaccines could prove problematic to carry out. Johnson & Johnson, with a single injection, can allow us to immediately secure this segment of the population, which cannot be abandoned “.

“Beside the last ones” starts today, on an experimental basis, in Palermo. The homeless registered by the Municipality will be contacted by the councilorship for solidarity citizenship. The first will be vaccinated tonight: a team of home vaccinators will go to the Domus Carmelitana in the Ballarò district at 7pm. The homeless will first be swab, then medical history and, finally, vaccinated. From Thursday 29 April, at 4 pm, the administration will start at Villa Zito, headquarters of the Sicily Foundation, which has gladly accepted to make available some exhibition rooms of the art gallery in via Libertà. Three stations will be activated, with a pre and post vaccine waiting room.

“The places where culture is developed must be central in the process of inclusion and return to life. For these reasons – affirms the president of Fondazione Sicilia, Raffaele Bonsignore – we have decided to temporarily transform Villa Zito, where our pictorial collection is exhibited, into a vaccination hub. In this year of pandemic, in which everything has been turned upside down, Fondazione Sicilia has promoted strategic actions aimed above all at supporting families, students and hospitals. Being present in the area means first of all listening to its needs “.

Doctors and nurses will be made available free of charge by the commissioner. “It is an initiative of high social value – comments the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci – even before health prevention. I appreciate the availability of the Sicily Foundation and the passion of our Commissioner Costa for starting an experience that could constitute a virtuous example to be imitated in other realities. Our region confirms itself once again at the forefront of the trench of solidarity ”.

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