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Episode n ° 45 de Good Health, entirely dedicated to a topic of significant importance for the health system, but above all for millions of people around the world.
Also in Sicilyobviously the blood donation it is a necessary gesture to support the health system and therefore the possibility of protecting the health of citizens.
Blood is an indispensable element in first aid and emergency services, as well as for the treatment of haematological and oncological diseases, without neglecting the category of thalassemia patients, for which transfusions are essential for survival as well as for having a quality of life that is as normal and healthy as possible.
Suffice it to say that a patient with thalassemia needs periodic transfusions every 15 or 20 days.

To learn more about this topic we have involved important figures of the Sicilian Health, such as Eng.
Mario La Rocca, Director General of the Department for Strategic Planning, who gave us an overview of the aspects related to blood donation and the importance of this gesture on the part of donors.
We then moved to the DASOE.
Department for Health Activities and Epidemiological Observatory of the Sicilian Region, there we met Dr.
Giacomo ScalzoManager in charge of Service 6 – Transfusion, who, among the various technical and awareness-raising topics, focused precisely on the need for a generational change among blood donors, given that the maximum age to be able to donate blood is approximately 65 years, except in specific cases in which it is possible to donate up to 70 years, subject to clinical evaluation.
The most alarming aspect for the necessary quantities of donations comes precisely in the summer period, when there is a significant reduction in donors, and it is there that it is necessary to implement targeted awareness campaigns, as the Regional Department is doing.
with some campaigns involving the bodies of Police andArmywithout neglecting the value of student involvement, and therefore the importance of the participation of schools and institutes in order to transfer to the students a sense of civility, altruism and respect for others in order to increase the number of young donors.
Finally we went to the CRT of Palermo, the Regional Transplant Center in its Palermo office at theARNAS Civicfrom there, in electronic connection with Catania, we were able to interview the Regional Coordinator of the CRT, Dr.
Giorgio Battaglia, with which we have further investigated other aspects related to donation, such as the benefits for donors, who receive important and ongoing health care and attention, especially for periodic donors.
There was no shortage of references related to the period of the pandemic, analyzing any adversity in cases of contagion from Covid, an event that proved to be in no way impediments to blood donation.


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