The IC Giuseppe Fava of Mascalucia welcomes Calcio Catania

MASCALUCIA – A really exciting day the one experienced by the students of the fifth classes of the IC Giuseppe Fava of Mascalucia, directed by the head teacher Maria Gabriella Capodicasa, who on Friday 7 May had the pleasure of being able to meet the representatives of Football Catania accompanied by the player Alessandro Albertini, thus living a highly educational experience, in the open premises of the school in compliance with the rules set out in the anti Covid health protocol.

A meeting desired and experienced with great trepidation by the children who showed their closeness by wearing the representative jersey of the team, listening attentively to all the interventions, asking pertinent questions to those present, being moved by the meeting in presence with the Albertini player with whom they met. try your hand at kicking the ball together.

The executive professor Capodicasa and the mayor did the honors Vincenzo Magra who welcomed the special guests: Dr. Maurizio Pellegrino, director of the area-general manager of Calcio Catania, Dr. Maximilian Bourbon, head of the youth sector, Dr. Salvatore Cambria responsible for the sport and territory development area and Mr. Angelo Scaltriti, Press officer.

In the introductory speech, Professor Capodicasa, after thanking the guests for their presence, “what a beautiful representation of the football team closest to the heart of us from Catania“, Praising their closeness to children, he highlighted the collaborative and fundamental role that the architects of sport assume, as on this day, by supporting the G. Fava school, which has always been sensitive and aware of the educational value of sport, regarding both the formative referring to physio-psychic-relational development of the child, which encourages a correct lifestyle.

The footballer Alessandro Albertini who said he was excited during the intervention very happy with the warmth shown to him by the children upon his arrival, telling them how the passion for the sport of football was born in him from an early age accompanying him more and more through the passage of time and in the meantime underlining the benefits that sport produces for the health of the individual.

Engaging the intervention of the director Maurizio Pellegrino, who after expressing gratitude to the manager Capodicasa and the teaching staff for the collaboration and hospitality for the realization of the meeting with the students, addressed a particular thanks to the mayor Magra for the great attachment shown towards Calcio Catania and for the commitment assumed in the desire to accompany and support him towards an increasingly positive future.

He then continued his speech by pronouncing a particularly symbolic sentence: “The lifesaving sport – and continuing – sport will make you better more beautiful smarter. Those who are good at school will be better at life and in sports. School and sport make it better. A healthy life is created through sport. As happened to Albertini, play sports. You go to bed tired because you have been running and not because of other less healthy habits. Not everyone can play in sport by becoming champions, but certainly in life doing sport will make you achieve better“.

Words of Dr. Pellegrino extremely educational and also reflected in the speech conducted by the mayor Enzo Magra, who after thanking Dr. Pellegrino added: “I make mine the wonderful words of the director, I thank him as well as all the staff of Catania Calcio present today. His testimony represents great prestige for all of us everything that revolves around sport, away from dangerous things. You guys are assisted by the Capodicasa manager and by teachers who take care of you. Playing sports improves and extends life! Follow healthy patterns“.

To these interventions were added those superbly conducted by Doctor Borbone, who also underlined the importance of the practice of sport as a fundamental element of benefit for the development and the growth of a healthy and balanced life and by Dr. Cambria who, after having paid attention to the quality of the beautiful and important questions asked by the children to those present, underlined what was said and the warmth expressed by the young students present supports Calcio Catania in the desire to go on doing better and better, concluding that playing sports helps to be champions in life.

The last speech was taken by Mr. Scaltriti who, in his words, focused on how “sport represents a source of inspiration, value and well-being. Love and commitment to sport allows you to stay close to it even without being champions as it will allow you to stay in sport through other activities. Football, in particular, lives in the territory and with the territory“.

Particularly welcome the invitation addressed by the director Pellegrino to the children and the teaching staff to be able to meet again at a Torre del Grifo, a place where the Catania football team trains, in order to continue the dialogue and collaboration between school and sport football.

Highly educational messages that all the pupils acknowledged by addressing at the end of the meeting, together with the manager and all the school staff present to the representatives of Calcio Catania, the wish for a better future that can bring the team back to being victorious by regaining increasingly prestigious positions, in the enhancement of their commitment and in the love they have for Catania.

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