The hydrofoil from Ustica to Palermo breaks down and the races are skipped vacationers protest

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New troubles for the connections from Ustica to Palermo.
The Liberty Lines hydrofoil Zibibbo, which had replaced another hydrofoil that had failed in the past few weeks, reported from the island, canceled the 4:00 pm departure from Ustica due to a breakdown.
At risk the subsequent races including that of 7 tomorrow morning.
The Filippo Lippi ship left Ustica about an hour late for ticket replacement.
«In summer it is not possible to witness these continuous breakdowns – say the people of Ustica – On Sundays many leave the island after having spent the weekend.
We have these breakdowns with only two runs.
Since July 1st there have been three races every day we don’t really know what will happen with the not always efficient vehicles that cover this route ».


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