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The horror of war told by Doctors without Borders, meeting with the students of the Basile institute (VIDEO)

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The atrocities of war told by those who live them on the ground.
The group of Doctors Without Borders Of Palermo met the students of the scientific high school Ernesto Basile.
A confrontation in which the current war conflict in Ukraine has had a central role.
Debate in which a former student of the Via San Ciro complex, now a member of MSF, told about her experience at the front.

“As a school policy, the important thing is to present examples of life projects – commented the principal Fabio Pastiglia -.
From this point of view, we are interested in presenting a range of possible life perspectives aimed at the defense of the person and of peace ”.

Doctors Without Borders confronts the students

To illustrate the moment of confrontation with the students of the Basile institute is Lisa La Gattuta, psychologist and member of Doctors Without Borders.
“I think it is important to raise public awareness of what is happening outside our Western world.
I believe that there is a refuge in what we know, in our safe zone, and we do not have a critical or proactive gaze towards what is a world outside ours, where there are different contexts and life situations.
It is important that it is clear that there is not only well-being, but there are situations where one can intervene ”.

A promotion of the values ​​of peace, saying no to the atrocities of war.
A concept that the professor Luigi Mazza considers it a moral obligation.
“Today is an important day because in a period like the one we are experiencing, with all the violent images coming from Ukraine, to let young people know who can bring help around the world, which can be medical or psychological, is it was something we felt was an obligation.
This is why we wanted to organize a day of discussion with Doctors Without Borders “.