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The historic “baby luna” bar closes in Palermo. Unsustainable costs

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See you at “Baby Luna”? Not anymore.
The historic tobacconist bar closes in Palermo: “impossible to bear the costs”

After almost half a century, in Palermo, the shutters of the “Baby Luna” tobacco bar, a well-known meeting point on the ring road, are lowered, exactly at number 1843 in viale Regione Siciliana, on the Corleone bridge.

Open since 1978, the “Baby Luna” has been the reference point for many workers and travelers who passed by there for trips out of town or for work and for the hauliers who left Palermo before setting off on their journey.
Bar, café, restaurant, pizzeria and pub, since 2009 it also sold tobacco.

The Ge.Co.
– Gestioni Commerciali srl – delivered the dismissal letters to the nine employees who will remain without a job.
A pastry chef, a rotisserie, four counter staff and three cashiers have been fired for going out of business, as it has now become impossible to bear the costs.
“We are angry because we felt abandoned, but not with the company.
They have nothing to do with it.
The Municipality of Palermo will have us on the conscience, which has forgotten about us ”- say the workers.
The restrictions and reopening in fits and starts caused by the pandemic and then the difficult accessibility to the place due to the works on the Corleone Bridge made it impossible to reach the parking lot in front of the café-diner, giving the coup de grace to the business run by the family Flower that seemed to have been consolidated for some time and that instead suffered a decline of more than 70%.

The closure? A predictable and concrete risk

Marilena Fiore herself, owner of the “Baby Luna” had already intervened in the past denouncing the situation of isolation experienced by her business and asking for a comparison with the institutions, after having had an informal and inconclusive one.
As for the refreshments, the entrepreneur does not question their usefulness but, in her opinion, something more immediate would have been needed.
“Yes, the refreshments can be useful.
But we need immediate liquidity.
We have given a mandate to our lawyer to proceed against the Municipality, but we know that there are long times.
We are afraid to close, it is a real risk”

Dorotea Rizzo