The hell of the Palermo cemetery 1300 coffins waiting

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The shame of the Palermo cemetery continues.

At the cemetery of the Rolls, in fact, 1300 coffins are placed between tents and offices, waiting for a burial.
One solution evaluated by the Municipality is to place 1200 prefabricated burials in the parking lot of the cemetery of Santa Maria di Gesù.

The heat causes some coffins to burst, from others liquids and nauseating smells come out.
And there are also relatives who lose their deceased and cannot find him anymore.

The new Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, promised he would solve the problem shortly.
On the table there are a couple of solutions, but, at the moment, still nothing concrete.

«I hope within a month the testing of the safety of the rocky ridge above the camp currently off-limits due to danger will be completed – says the mayor -.
There are many mineralized bodies that will take off, but we don’t even have a precise number.
But this could be a first answer “

The proposal that seems more convincing, however, is that which intends to temporarily place 1,200 prefabricated burials above ground in a portion of the parking lot of the cemetery of Santa Maria di Gesù.
“We have already carried out an inspection – explains Lagalla – and in our opinion the operation is feasible “.
There is only one question mark: a timed authorization from the Ministry of Health and the ASP is needed because the law does not provide for burial settlements outside the cemetery perimeters.
“We have initiated discussions in this sense – explains the mayor -.
We know that between 2.5 and 3 million are needed (which we would find from a remodeling of non-municipal funds) because we have carried out a small, informal market survey ».
And this, if it went to port, would be a fairly fast operation because the identified system is refrigerant and autonomous with respect to the problem of drains.
Plan B is the purchase of another 1,100 burial niches to be used above ground (but the place to arrange them must be identified).
Elements equal to the 450 already purchased by the previous administration and which according to Lagalla “could finally be placed around the perimeter of the burial areas within 20 days”.

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