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The greats of contemporary art at the Royal Palace of Palermo

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – It is an exhibition on reality.
Yes, the reality.
Intended as “real reality”.
In an era in which the dimensions of the image and reality, real and virtual, overlap.
The title of the exhibition immediately evokes the meaning of the project.
That is the need and the vital impulse to re-elaborate and reorganize one’s actions after disruptive and annihilating events such as the pandemic, democratic regression and war.

.RE expresses the urgency to get out of the repetition compulsion to rekindle the understanding and rewriting of reality, which cannot ignore the need for “rebirth” (REbirth), “reconstruction” (REconstruction), “restart” (REboot), as a recovery of an unapproved existence.
The .RE exhibition will open on April 22 at Palazzo Reale (Sale Duca di Montalto, until October 31) and aspires to place Palermo as the capital of contemporary art, precisely in the key period of a collective rebirth.
The path of constant growth of the Federico II Foundation over the last four years has allowed it to meet some of the leading exponents of contemporary art worldwide.
Sixteen great contemporary artists symbolize sixteen paths to open reflection on reality: Alberto Burri, Saint Clair Cemin, Tony Cragg, Zhang Hong Mei, Anselm Kiefer, Jeff Koons, Sol LeWitt, Emil Lukas, Mimmo Paladino, Claudio Parmiggiani, Giuseppe Penone, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Tania Pistone, Andres Serrano, Ai Wewei and Gilberto Zorio.
Sixteen lashing artistic sensibilities who have chosen to develop artistic expressions not in the direction of dehumanization or post-human.
Sixteen artists, pointing the finger at the wound of a laughing conformity that has often torn creativity, immerse the user in a reflective dimension and social function of the work of art.
The overdose of images of the contemporary world and the virtual world makes the real absent the real body of the world, which our consciousness (to simplify) opacifies until it is absent.
The risk against which to oppose RESISTANCE is a civilization of simplification in which art ends up being conceived as an ephemeral representation of reality.
Artists who have rekindled the horizon of art, rediscovered the essentiality of language and, in some cases, a non-hypocritical spirituality.
A semantic perspective that does not reduce reality to a stereotyped image.
“The question that the Foundation asked itself in the acute period of the pandemic of sobbing closures and reopening, – underlines Gianfranco Miccichè, President of the Federico II Foundation – is how to rethink our exhibition project.
A cultural-exhibition event that would put the finger on the sore of a great question what will remain of recent history? We find ourselves at a crossroads: proceed as if nothing had happened or, choice we have made, try to commit ourselves to a cultural proposal with the aim of a regenerated Humanity “.
“Dealing with a sudden imbalance generated by a pandemic crisis and wars – says Patrizia Monterosso, Director General of the Federico II Foundation – has awakened consciences, as pointed out by sociologists and analysts, and revealed the profound deficiencies in our way of thinking and conceiving ourselves in the world, in the relationship with others, with nature.
In art this has resulted in the ability to portray the themes of spirituality, sociality, human rights, democracy, nature against the old and new simplifying barbarities.
Expressions and languages ​​of contemporary art that have been able to resist the approach of fundamentalisms avoiding shortcuts that do not allow the reading of changes, of the richness of differences – against a monotonous reading that admits a single language, a single voice, a single story “.
.RE is a cultural event conceived as an implicit invitation to transform the forced setback that Humanity has suffered in the direction of a recovery of authentic and responsible dimensions which, indeed, even before the pandemic were scarcely humanizing and alien.
.RE testifies from its graphic sign to this oscillation, between the decision to rewind the human and cultural condition in the exclusive dimension of already traced registers and the decision to expand our new creation of meanings in the direction of new possibilities.
Beyond the graphic point of the title of the exhibition, there is regeneration of social and human evolution in which it is essential to enhance the diversity of languages ​​and creative experiences.
The E of .RE does not turn its back on our history, but redefines it by correlating it to the multiple points of view that bind the individual to open and never defining cultural perspectives.
The pandemic and the war have placed the (apparent) solidity of our knowledge in a dimension of uncertainty.
Our parameters of knowledge made absolute by habit, by routine (at best) and by the arrogance of emerging cultural absolutisms has been shattered in the inability to decipher lived reality.
The exhibition is conceived and organized by the Federico II and Ars Foundation, in collaboration with the Burri Foundation, the Lambert Collection, Galleria Tucci Russo Studio for Contemporary Art, the Pistoletto Foundation and private collections.