“The Golden Candlemas to Condorelli”, the request of Cidec Catania after the “no” to the lace of the Etna entrepreneur

CATANIA – The confederal secretary of the Cidec Catania, Lorenzo Costanzo, proposes to the administration of Etna and the Prefect of Catania to “assign the Golden Candlemas di Sant’Agata 2022 edition as a prize for the courage and value of legality” to the Condorelli knight for having “addressed to the carabinieri confident in the role played by the institutions and the police in the fight against the crime that has silently stained our city for years“.

The reference is to the recent opposition by the famous Catania confectionery company, to lace request.

The value of justice demonstrated in asking the state for help in times of need due to the offensives coming from the mafia, attempted extortion and death threats“.

A gesture that makes us reflect on the untruthful cloud of illegality that has been hovering over the Catania business class for some time, but which for initiatives like this can finally free itself from the unfair weight thanks to the solidarity commitment expressed in the workforce“, Concludes Costanzo.

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