The Gescal overcomes the Valdinisi obstacle and passes the turn

The season could not have started better than Gescal who, after the equal of Santa Teresa di Riva, beat Valdinisi 3-1 in the return match of the Italian Cup (first leg 1-1) and deservedly qualified for the second phase of the event for the Promotion teams.

Good performance of the green-and-whites of mister Gaetano Di Maria who, having overcome the positive start of the Ionians, take over the game and are preferred at the level of play: an orderly match, with few errors and local able to exploit the spaces granted by the opponents, checking well the dreaded former Founder. The first chance of the match, on 3 ‘, is found in the game, with a free-kick from distance saved by Papale. At the first lunge, however, the Gescal hits: Di Stefano crosses from the left for the precise header of La Rocca that leaves no way out for the young Bonanno. The 1-0 lasts 4 minutes because Valdinisi reacts immediately with Gaeta who, from the left, finds the assist for the winning header of Principato, which thus repeats the goal of the first leg. After the draw, the first half decreases in intensity and there are only a few occasions: at 29 ‘Zappalà, served in depth, kicks weakly from the edge, while a minute later Marino touches the new advantage at the suggestion of Ketia, but it is providential intervention of Gaeta a few steps from the goal line. Finally, at 44 ‘Principato, on the edge of offside, is anticipated by the low exit of Papale. In the second half, Gescal starts strong and, on 5 ‘, moves forward with another vertical action: through again for Zappalà who, this time, enters centrally and, with the right, beats Bonanno. It is the goal that gives the green-and-whites even more confidence and, after a shot by Principato (on 9 ‘) deflected from the defense, the trio also arrives: Marino takes the ball on the left, focuses and signs the 3-1 with a nice shot from the distance. The double advantage virtually closes the challenge: there is still time, on the 29 ‘, for a header by Marino who, on the corner of Ballarò, sends high, and on the 33’ the usual Principality scores but the referee canceled for an offside of the attacker. The whirlwind of changes, including defender Giovanni Cucinotta’s debut in the green-and-white shirt in place of Daniele Giordano, slows down the pace of the match and Gescal can manage without difficulty until the triple whistle, which sanctions the 3-1 victory and the qualification to the next round. GESCAL-VALDINISI 3-1
Scorers: 6 ‘La Rocca; 10 ‘Principality; 5 ‘st Zappalà; 15 ‘st Marino
Gescal: Papale, Giordano D. (36′ st Cucinotta), De Salvo, Giordano G., Parrinello (1 ‘st Antonuccio), Di Stefano, Keita, Ballarò G., La Rocca ( 44 ‘st Ventra), Marino, Zappalà (28’ st D’Amico). Available: Frisone, Supino, Ballarò C., Scarantino, Milicia. All .: Di Maria
Valdinisi: Bonanno, Briguglio, Micalizzi (18 ‘st Found A.), Gaeta (23’ st Lombardo), Riposo, Filistad, Romeo R. (18 ‘st Romeo G.), Munafò, Principality, Found S., Pistone (35 ‘st Buongiorno). Available: Simoni, Caminiti, Miduri, Spadaro, Crocetta. Coach: Frazzica
Referee: Lazzara from Barcellona PG (Trefiletti and Grasso from Acireale).

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