The former teacher of Messina Denaro’s daughter: “A studious girl, attentive in class”

«I had the gift, and I still consider it such today, to meet Lorenza Alagna in my career as a teacher. I didn’t know that she was the daughter of Matteo Messina Denaro precisely because she does not bear the surname of her father but that of her mother, Franca Alagna. I have never made false statements about her, indeed I remember her as a studious girl, attentive in class, well educated, strong and determined ». Fabiana «Bia» Cusumano says it, high school teacher of Italian and Latin.
«I repeated several times – continues the teacher – what she herself once told me: ‘for you he could be a mass murderer, a criminal, a super boss, for me he remains my father. I read in these words all the pain of a young girl torn between the awareness of being the daughter of a boss and the inevitable and essential love for a parent, whoever they may be, even a mafioso. I have never discredited Lorenza, as I have never done it with any of my pupils. In class she was loved, respected, valued like all my other students».
«On this matter I am well aware that forces greater than Lorenza are moving and agitating. If this were not the case, the thirty years on the run would not be explained. If everyone had done their duty, there would not have been all these murdered people who currently weigh on our consciences. I have been teaching for 15 years and in class I have always talked about the mafia and legality, about the courage to tell the truth, not to look away », she concluded.