the football team named after ivano bordon was born in catania

Note- This press release has been published in full as an external contribution. This content is therefore not an article produced by the CataniaToday editorial staff Catania or Palermo against … the ASD Phil Bordon. It is not fantasy (largely yes), but it is what could sensationally happen in the next few years. In fact, “ASD Phil Bordon” was officially born, a company affiliated with the FIGC that wanted to pay homage to the former goalkeeper of Inter and the Italian national team Ivano Bordon by naming him the club. The football team was born from the sporting dream of its president, Philippo Barbagallo and from his friendship with the great former goalkeeper, world champion with Italy. BORDON – Two friends, a great dream come true since until last year it was just an idea: a sports project of which we had talked many times, but never materialized. Then, one evening last summer, Barbagallo (also a former goalkeeper) decided it was right to try and so ASD PHIL BORDON was born, embodying the spirit of the former Nerazzurri champion goalkeeper. Italy with Inter twice to never give up and always give themselves another chance in life. CHAMPIONSHIP – The amateur team is based in Misterbianco in the province of Catania and will play in the third category. ito and sincere to Ivano Bordon, the legendary Inter goalkeeper, an exemplary man and professional “, President Barbagallo wrote on the Facebook page. Bordon is closely following the team named after him: “I wish a big good luck to Philippo who always sends me photos and updates on the team. We hope that he will soon reach important milestones”. CEO Angelo Pappalardo expressly stated the team’s objectives “Our goal is to win the championship and for this reason we have built a team made up of many guys, but also some veterans with an illustrious past. A perfect combination of technique, strength and experience that gives us will allow to reach important goals. PROJECT – Meanwhile, ASD Phil Bordon has already had excellent results: the Spanish company Joma has in fact created the official uniform and splendid balls and on social networks there are already many new fans of the club. response on the pitch by ASD Phil Bordon. In this long path that led to the birth of the new club, Phil Barbagallo would like to thank his great friend Ivano Bordon, together with Alessandro Scanziani, real promoters and motivators of the president. . Angelo Pappalardo is developing several projects alongside the sports one to make Phil Bordon known throughout Italy. “We are working hard -ha aff ermato Pappalardo – also in terms of image and communication. Ours is a young but very ambitious reality and you will soon hear about it not only in the region “.