The fixed speed camera installed along the highway 640 has been hit and eradicated: it is a “hunt” for the pirate car

The fixed speed camera installed along the state road 640, a few meters before the writers’ roundabout, along the roadway that from Canicattì leads to Agrigento and Porto Empedocle, has been hit and literally uprooted. Not just any road accident, the one that occurred yesterday. What happened would seem to have all the characteristics of the damage done to “art”, so at least thought – just yesterday – the carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile nucleus of the Agrigento company who intervened on the spot, after having acquired the report, and who have started the search for the “pirate” car immediately afterwards. No indiscretion on the model or color of the car that would have been the protagonist of the damage is filtered out.

It was November 2019 when – after a myriad of road accidents, including fatalities – along the state road, to enhance safety, on the instructions of the Prefecture, that speed camera was placed. An equipment that had, in fact, not an easy task: to make it clear that in that stretch the speed limit was and is 40 kilometers per hour. To make it clear that by sticking to the speed limit, there was no risk of ending up over the San Pietro roundabout, better known as the “Rotunda of Writers”. And indeed, albeit controversial and contested, that fixed speed camera has succeeded in its intent: since it was placed on the edge of the state road, accidents, at that point, have drastically decreased.

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