The first six months of Lagalla: "Palermo left without putting its hands in the citizens’ pockets"

«With the approval of the 2021 report and the 2022/2024 budget, this municipal administration puts an end to the financial alarm and equips Palermo with the necessary tools to restart, without putting its hands in the citizens’ pockets. An important goal achieved in just six months of government, which frees the fifth largest city in Italy from the stalemate and isolation of recent years”.
With these words the mayor of Palermo, Robert Lagalladrew up a balance sheet of the first six months of administration.

“We have started a new season of dialogue and inter-institutional collaboration, both with regional and national bodies – added Lagalla, during the press conference in the presence of the Prime Minister, Giulio Tantillo, and the municipal council -. Only in this way you can build solid foundations for the economic, tourist, cultural and technological development of the city. By placing Palermo and the Palermitans above all interests, the junta is working in great harmony, beyond the political alignments, to restore dignity and a future to our community. A concrete teamwork that made use of a fruitful discussion with the City Council, thanks to the sharing of a single great goal: to revive Palermo».

The restart of the administrative machine, according to the mayor, was made possible by some specific initiatives such as the approval of the 2021 report and the 2022/2024 budget, the remodulation of extra-municipal funds; the office reorganization plan which envisages recruitment rationalization of administrative processes.

«Finally – the mayor said again – burying has resumed in the Rotoli cemetery and a long process of redevelopment, safety and restoration of the areas destined for cemetery burials has been started. An extraordinary cleaning plan has been implemented and attention is paid to waste collection on a daily basis, which is essential for the development of tourism and the well-being of citizens”.

Lastly, Lagalla highlighted what he defined as the return of major events to Palermo: «Concerts and entertainment initiatives to restore vitality and cultural breadth to the city. But we are only starting to design an important process of change which, with the involvement of everyone, will have to achieve new and more significant objectives of transparency and regenerative capacity”.

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