The first edition of the Provincial Road Championship in Catania is about to start

The event was strongly desired to finally offer cyclists in the Province of Catania a circuit of competitions with a short range of action

CATANIA – The Provincial Committee of the Italian Cycling Federation is pleased to announce the first eagerly awaited edition of the Provincial Road Championship in Catania: a‘initiative strongly desired by the president Adolfo Scandurra, and by the directors Alessandro Petralia, Roberto Privitera, Gaetano Garufo and Serena Toscano, to finally offer cyclists in the Province of Catania a circuit of “short range” competitions, which can be reached with short trips and which consists of a limited number of events organized by sports associations belonging to the Provincial Committee of Catania.

Nine on very different tracks, all to be discovered on your bicyclesthe: the calendar consists of seven circuit tests, a team time trial and an individual time trial. To the away next Sunday, May 16 in Carruba with the first test organized by the ASD Team Bike Ionica Riposto in a city circuit that will see the participation of athletes from all over Sicily.

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of the season and will culminate with the delivery of the provincial Champion jerseys to the first classified in each FCI category.. The president Adolfo Scandurra: “The first provincial road championship will give prestige to the amateur cycling federation in Catania in a context of healthy competition. All the tests will be national validated by CONI and will take place in compliance with the rules of the current anticovid legislation. Particular attention also to Paralympic cycling with the ASD Peppe Molè who reaped successes by participating with their athletes in national and international competitions.. Not only federal amateur cycling, this Provincial Committee of Catania is also committed to sustainable mobility by participating in the meetings of the Stakeholders for the SUMP of the Metropolitan City of Catania and on the safety front for the correct use of bicycles with the FCI-MIUR project ” Bicycle safety “in progress at the schools in the province of Catania that have joined.”


– May 16, 2nd City of Carruba Cycling Trophy (Riposto)

– 2 June, 1st Edition Two days of Pergusa (Pergusa)

– 6 June, Memorial Uccellatore (Paternò)

– 25 July, 2nd Sapienza Refuge Trophy (Nicolosi)

– 22 August, S. Giuseppe Trophy (SM di Licodia)

– 29 August, 6th Fornazzo climb – Citelli (Milo)

– 12 September, Madonna della Lavina Trophy (Aci S.Antonio)

– September 26, 3rd San Giuseppe Trophy (Riposto)

– 10 October, 5th Ionian Team Time Trial City of Riposto (Riposto)

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