The first baby of 2023 was born in Catania: Ilary Elettra came into the world a second after midnight

Ilary Elettra is the first child born in Italy in 2023. She came into the world just a second after midnight at Garibaldi Nesima in Catania.

In the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of Garibaldi-Nesima, directed by Giuseppe Ettore, therefore, what is probably the first birth of 2023 in the country was recorded.

Ilary Elettra weighs 2750 grams. It was Daniela who brought her into the world with spontaneous birth, who had her father, Calogero, by her side throughout her journey. A singular name: who knows if the parents have thought of celebrities such as Ilary Blasi and Elettra Lamborghini?

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