The fire season begins in Sicily but the region is unprepared, foresters sit-in | BlogSicily

  • Sicily at risk of fires and the region’s delays
  • Tomorrow, sit in by Fai-Flai-Uila before all the Sicilian prefectures
  • In April already several fires throughout Sicily

The heat begins in Sicily but the region seems to be unprepared to fight the sad phenomenon of Forest fires and interface fires. For this reason, the unions are now protesting for “the fire prevention that is not there and the risk of fires that increases with the approach of summer”.

The protest of the trade unions

Fai Cisl-Flai Cgil-Uila Uil Sicily have organized for tomorrow, Tuesday 27 April, starting from 10.30 a sit-in in front of all the Prefectures to denounce the guilty delays of the Region and ask “Foresters at work. Immediately!“. In these hours, in the meantime, all the provincial secretariats of the three trade union organizations are engaged in discussions with the managers of the territorial offices of the Rural Development Department on available projects and resources.

The fire season has already begun

In recent days already several fires in Sicily. A fire broke out in Piana degli Albanesi in the province of Palermo. The flames have enveloped some hectares of Mediterranean scrub in the Valle del Fico. In Vendicari a fire of arson, as more outbreaks would have been ascertained, has disttutto part of the reserve.

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