The financiers seize a gun and 40 grams of marijuana from an offender

Editorial team 06 September 2021 08:29

The financiers of the provincial command of Catania seized 1 pistol with abraded registration number, complete with magazine and 10 cartridges together with 40 grams of marijuana, arresting an Italian citizen, born in Lentini for the crime of illegal carrying of weapons and detention, for the purpose of drug dealer. During a drug control, ZF was identified in Lentini, near a kiosk bar, a 35-year-old with numerous criminal records for drugs, evasion, possession of weapons, threats and ill-treatment. At the sight of the financiers, ZF showed signs of nervousness. Thus began, also thanks to the support of the soldiers of the Lentini lieutenancy, the control operations of his vehicle, which made it possible to find, on the driver’s side footrest mat, a Bernardelli brand gun, with abraded serial number. The weapon, complete with the magazine with 10 9 x 21 caliber ammunition, was seized. The control activities were then extended at ZF’s home in Lentini and 40 grams of marijuana were seized.

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