The final for promotion to the women’s A1 series, coach Palermo draws in Bologna

All still open. In Emilia Romagna (indoor clay) the first leg of the women’s tennis series A2 play-off final between Coach Palermo and Coach Bologna ended 2-2. The Bolognese team only had two players available and for this reason, of the three scheduled singles, only two were played, therefore the Palermo coach won a point without taking the field with his player.

In the two singles matches that took place, a convincing victory for the 23-year-old left-handed Federica Bilardo of the Palermo coach over Nicole Fossa Huergo from Molise (Argentine parents), while the 2004 class Giorgia Pedone came out defeated in three partials from the confrontation with Arianna Zucchini.

At 2-1 in favor of the team led by Alessandro Chimirri and Davide Freni the doubles was played, won in the tiebreak match by Zucchini and Fossa Huergo over Bilardo and Pedone. Anastasia Abbagnato, who should have played in the third singles, and Virginia Ferrara were also present in Bologna for the Palermo coach. Sunday 11 December at 10 the return match in Viale del Fante, which will award promotion to Serie A1.

A date that of Sunday 11 December which also and above all foresees the historic championship final of the men’s A1 series team which will challenge Tc Sinalunga Siena in Turin starting at 10 with live coverage of Supertennis. The Palermo coach’s boys left today for Turin where they’ll try the fast-paced fields of the Stampa Sporting in the afternoon. Salvatore Caruso, Gabriele Piraino, Omar Giacalone, Pietro Marino and Francesco Mineo will be joined tomorrow, Friday 9 December, by the Spaniard Albert Ramos Vinolas, number 39 in the world.

The presence in Piedmont of about 80 members of the viale del Fante club is expected, who will not miss their warmth to the boys led on the bench by captain Davide Cocco and deputy Marco Valentino. Among the Tuscans playing on Sunday could be the Slovak Kovalik, Gigante, Serafini and the veteran Luca Vanni. An open challenge, as Sinalunga has excellent individuals on a par with Coach Palermo, who will have a champion of the caliber of Ramos Vinolas on his side.

Bologna coach-Palermo coach 2-2

Arianna Zucchini b. Giorgia Pedone 6-1 0-6 6-1

Federica Billardo b. Nicole Fossa Huergo 6-0 6-4

Anastasia Abbagnato wins due to the absence of the opponent

Arianna Zucchini – Nicole Fossa Huergo b. Federica Bilardo – Giorgia Pedone 0-6 6-1 10-8

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