The fight with shooting at Carini’s Mob, the eighteen-year-old defends himself: “I wanted to stop the dispute”

The investigating judge Maria Cristina Sala validated the arrest of the 18-year-old boy, Manuele Catalano, and ordered the precautionary measure of prison: the young man shot during a fight in the Mob disco in Carini, he is accused of attempted murder and illegal port of weapon. During the guarantee interrogation, the boy would have told the judge that he had found the gun and fired to try to stop the fight. A version that she did not convince.

Brawl with gunfire at the Mob of Villagrazia di Carini: the eighteen year old arrested is called Manuel Catalano

The shots that exploded in the air were caught on camera. The investigations into the brawl are being conducted by the carabinieri who are still examining the positions of other young people involved. The defense lawyer, the lawyer Francesca Russo, disputes the reconstruction of the accusation and believes that there is room for an immediate appeal to the Review Court to ask for the suspect’s release.

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