The feminicide of Marinella di Selinunte, Maria’s father: “He had already tried to kill her”

Her ex-husband had already tried to strangle her with a fishing line eight months ago. She was miraculously alive. Maria Amatuzzo, the woman killed with 12 stab wounds on Christmas Eve by her husband Ernesto Favara, she no longer loved him and for a week she had gone to live with the man she had always loved, her neighbor.

Maria’s father, Matteo Amatuzzo, told that her ex-husband had already tried to kill her months ago. «My daughter no longer loved him and had fled to a family home near Selinunte. She had tried to kill her and I don’t understand why after this serious episode, no one did anything ».

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of Marsala has ordered “non-repeatable technical investigations” on the two mobile phones and the laptop seized after the murder of the twenty-nine-year-old. Now, the prosecutor Stefania Tredici, owner of the investigation, has commissioned a technical consultant to verify the existence in the telephone conversations between the young woman and her husband. The investigations will begin tomorrow. Currently, Ernesto Favara is locked up in the prison of Trapani. Last December 27, in the guarantee interrogation before the investigating judge of the Court of Marsala Sara Quittino, the former fisherman reconstructed what would have happened on Christmas Eve, up to the moment in which he launched the fatal stab wounds.

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