“The fate of 570 families is at stake”

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 16:24

Pending the strike, scheduled for 9 September, the unions have called a meeting at the Foro Italico for Wednesday to discuss the future of Almaviva Contact workers. The debate will take place from 4 to 8 pm, at the height of via Lincoln. Cgil Cisl Uil Palermo, Ugl, together with the territorial secretariats of the Slc category Cgil, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom uil and Ugl Tlc also invite the representatives of institutions and politics to participate to reiterate that Palermo cannot afford to lose these jobs. “At stake – they explain – are the fate of 570 families. It is unacceptable that a de facto public company, Ita (100% owned by the Ministry of the Treasury) – they continue – announces a tender of this entity in a privatized manner, not respecting the law on social clauses, endangering the job of 621 workers in the South and also creating a very dangerous precedent that puts at risk the whole feared sector of a sector that for twenty years has been the most fertile employment lung of the South and in particular of Sicily ”. The dispute broke out after Ita, the new Alitalia, launched a tender for the management of customer assistance so far carried out by Almaviva, then assigning it to Covisian without inserting the social safeguard clauses. “A city dispute that – say the trade unions – involves the productive territory of the city of Palermo, the occupational retention of many families and unsustainable social repercussions, also given the current historical moment that sees this region lose a significant part of its GDP and an exponential increase in unemployment levels “. Hence the need to call a citizen debate useful to determine the assumption of responsibility of all the political representation elected in the area in support of the dispute. “We are aware of the complexity of the transition from the old national airline to the new one and – conclude the unions – of the attempt to show the European community a connotation of strong discontinuity, but this cannot be the pretext for deconstructing a regulatory system designed to protect levels employment, without which the consequences for Palermo would be extremely serious and unsustainable “.

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