The ex-girlfriend raped, harsher sentence in Appeal in Palermo: he will go to jail


The third section of the Palermo Court of Appeal increased to 6 years the penalty imposed on a 34-year-old man from Alia, found guilty both in the first and second instance of sexual violence against the ex-girlfriend.

While, however, the court of Termini Imerese in 2018 had inflicted only one year and eight months on him, now the judges of the college chaired by Antonio Napoli have given him 6 years. Compared to the first judgment, the assessment of a circumstance has changed: in Termini the court had held that the fact was not so serious because Di Piazza and his fiancée had regularly had sexual relations, before the violent episode, which occurred in the summer of 2012.

The same circumstance, after the appeal by the deputy attorney general Sergio Barbiera and the civil party, represented by the lawyer Monica Genovese, was assessed in the opposite direction, negative for the person responsible for the crime. The marriage or emotional bond between victim and executioner has in fact been included in the law for the protection of women, the so-called Red Code, as an aggravating circumstance. In the hearing that ended on appeal, the judges could not consider it as such, because the facts preceded the entry into force of the new law, however they did not feel that they had to apply any penalty discount. Conditional suspension was also lifted for humans and if the decision becomes final, he will serve his sentence in prison.

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