The Embrace of Siculiana: A Monument to Peace and Hospitality

Tomorrow (Monday, October 30) at 10:30 AM, a sculpture called “L’abbraccio” (The Hug) by artist Salvatore Cipolla will be unveiled in piazzetta Caduti della Patria in Siculiana. The sculpture represents peace and acceptance, reflecting the area’s focus on inclusion and acceptance due to the presence of Villa Sikania. The unveiling ceremony will be attended by Prefect of Agrigento, Filippo Romano, as well as don Giuseppe Carbone and don Aldo Sciabbarrasi. A representative from the Muslim community of Agrigento is also expected to be present. The sculpture by Salvatore Cipolla is a universal symbol of peace and love among people. Through the metaphor of a hug, it represents the transformation of conflict, indifference, and greed into harmony, altruism, and solidarity. The mayor of Siculiana, Giuseppe Zambito, states that the monument celebrates the values of peace and acceptance at a time marked by conflicts and migrations. The ceremony will be attended by students from Garibaldi Comprehensive Institute and the Cpia branch in Siculiana. Afterward, the prefect will continue his visit to the City of Sposi at the council chamber.

L’abbraccio di Siculiana, un monumento alla pace e all’accoglienza

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