The Ecomuseum of San Martino delle Scale and the mountains of Palermo is born

From the collaboration between the Abbey of San Martino delle Scale, the Sicilian Alpine Club, the Pro-loco of Monreale, the InformaGiovani Association and above all the involvement of many enthusiasts of the mountain and its environmental and cultural values, the Ecomuseum of the cultural paths of the mountains of Palermo was born and San Martino. The project, which will be presented tomorrow – Saturday 10 December – at 10 in the Abbey premises, aims to enhance, protect and raise awareness of the natural, monumental, cultural and ethno-anthropological heritage of the Conca d’Oro mountains, preserving it from decline and making it a tool for community growth.

The first president of the association will be Abbot Vittorio Rizzone. Expected interventions, as well as the abbot, scholars, volunteers and institutions on the cultural projects to be developed.

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